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Welcome to Republic Services in Beaux Arts

Look to us, rely on us for Beaux Arts solid waste and recycling solutions. Your local team at Republic Services is devoted to meeting your needs every day. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective garbage collection, recycling and solid waste disposal solutions for your home, business or government entity.

Beaux Arts Information

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Every year, Americans recycle more than 87 million tons. Unfortunately, not everything placed in a recycle bin is ready to be recycled. Sometimes, perfectly good items (like paper) are ruined because other items are wet or soiled. Contaminated recycling hurts the environment. What can you do? Remember: Empty, Clean, Dry

Empty, Clean, Dry

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Republic Services waste and recycling services in Beaux Arts.

How much food and yard waste can I put out and not be charged extra?

Six 32-gallon units (for example, one 96-gallon food and yard waste container, plus three extra Kraft bags or 32-gallon cans).

Can I recycle plastic grocery bags?

Not in your curbside recycle container. Plastic grocery bags and plastic film is best recycled if you take it back to a local grocery store. Visit for participating locations near you.

Is Styrofoam recyclable?

Styrofoam cannot be recycling in your curbside container. Visit for information about drop off locations for Styrofoam recycling.

What do I do with food scraps if I don’t have a food and yard waste container?

If you do not have a food and yard waste container, bag your food scraps and place into the garbage.

Where is the transfer station?

Click here to link to King County Transfer Stations website.

Can I recycle plastic pots? (used for plants)

Yes, clean them out (no dirt) and place in your curbside recycle container.

What numbers are recyclable?

Not all plastics are recyclable, but you can recycle any plastic container in the shape of a bottle, tub, jug or cup.

What is the hazardous waste fee?

It is a Washington State mandatory fee.

How many months am I billed for?

3 months.

Can I put deceased small animals in the garbage?

Double bag and place in garbage. Animals must weigh 15 pounds or less

What do I do with shredded paper?

Put loose shredded paper in your food and yard waste container and layer in between food scraps and yard waste. No shredded plastic please.

Can pet waste go in the food and yard waste container?

No, it needs to be bagged and placed in the garbage.

What time do I need to have my containers out?

6:00 am.

What holidays will affect my pickup?

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

If your collection falls on or after that day during the collection week, your pick‐up day will shift one day.

(If New Year’s Day falls on Monday, those normally collected on Monday will be collected on Tuesday; Tuesday customers will be collected on Wednesday; Wednesday customers will be collected on Thursday; Thursday customers will be collected on Friday, and Friday customers will be collected on Saturday.)

Can I put wood waste in the food and yard waste container and how much?

Small amounts of untreated wood can go in your food and yard waste container.

Are window glass and mirrors recyclable?

No, they must be bagged and placed in your garbage container.

Are plastic CD cases recyclable?

No, neither is the CD itself.

What do I do with excess yard waste, dirt, sod, or rock?

Pacific Topsoils takes excess yard waste, dirt, sod and rock.

Contact Information

Commercial: 206-682-3037
Residential: 206-682-9730

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