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Sunrise: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not found in the section below, please contact Republic Services at 954-327-9504.

What is automated trash collection?

Our automated collection program uses a fleet of specialized trucks. Each truck is fitted with a robotic arm that grasps the roll cart, lifts it, and empties its contents.

Do I have to opt in to the program to participate?

No - Sunrise residents who currently have their garbage collected curbside will receive a roll cart and participate in automated collection.

When will my cart arrive, and when can I start using it?

Carts will be delivered at no additional cost to Sunrise homes in December 2016; however, they cannot be used until January 1, 2017. That's when we'll have specialized trucks in service that can lift and empty the carts.

How big are the roll carts?

Each wheeled cart holds 95 gallons - the equivalent of approximately eight average, 13 gallon trash bags. One cart will take up less floor space than two 32 gallon garbage cans, and should be sufficient for most residents' needs. However, you may choose to purchase a second cart at a one-time cost of $50.

How do I use the roll carts?

Each roll cart should be placed curbside at least three feet away from any other item (mailbox, parked car, low-hanging tree limb, etc.) so it can be lifted by the truck's mechanical arm. The cart handle should face your house.

Must all garbage be placed inside the cart?

The 95 gallon cart is designed to meet the needs of most residents. All garbage must be placed inside your cart with the lid closed completely. Carts cannot be emptied if items are left on top of the lid. If you have excess garbage, please save the items for the next collection day. Palm fronds, tree branches, and items that exceed six (6) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter are considered bulk items and can be picked up during our new weekly bulk trash collection, which also begins in January 2017.

Please place yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, and small branches inside the 95- gallon cart for collection.

Can I put garbage and recyclables in one cart?

No - please continue to use the blue recycling cart for your weekly recycling pickup. The new 95 gallon cart is for garbage only.

Can I put landscaping debris in my cart?

Yes - branches, grass clippings and other plant material can go inside your garbage cart. Do not force large branches or other items into the cart, as they may become stuck.

Can I put more bags out next to the roll cart?

No - automated collection requires that all garbage be placed inside the roll cart. If you have additional items for disposal, please hold them for your next collection day.

Can I use my own garbage cans for automated collection?

No - you must use the City-issued roll carts for garbage. Automated collection requires a standardized, heavy-duty container that works with the truck mechanism and leaves the streets clean.

What items MAY NOT be placed inside the garbage cart?

Construction debris, oil, paints, pesticides, automobile parts, batteries, tires, medical waste, deceased animals, and other hazardous items are prohibited. Visit for information regarding the safe disposal of household hazardous waste.

Will my collection day change?

Since automated collection will be more efficient than our current service, it's possible that some routes may be combined. We will provide information regarding any changes to the collection schedule prior to the January start date.

If I move, should I take my roll cart with me?

No - the roll cart must remain at the address where it was delivered.

How do I dispose of my old garbage can?

With our new automated collection program, residents will utilize garbage carts provided by the City. To dispose of your old garbage can(s), you may place them at the curb (empty) on your scheduled bulk collection day with a sign attached to the container(s) stating, “Please Remove for Disposal.” Both metal and plastic containers will be accepted during bulk collection. Containers that are recyclable will be recycled by the City's contractor.

Are there any changes to bulk trash pickup?

Yes - beginning January 1, 2017, residential bulk trash will be collected once per week instead of once per month. If you have curbside bulk trash collection, your bulk items will be removed on the day of your first garbage pickup of the week. Communities with designated bulk trash areas may follow a different schedule.

Why did we change to automated collection?

The use of 95 gallon roll carts and automated collection trucks provides service that is more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable. As compared to manual pickup, automated collection is safer for workers and provides neighborhoods with a cleaner, more uniform appearance.​