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Welcome to Republic Services in San Jose

San Jose Customer Service: 408-432-1234

Republic Services provides innovative Organics collection services to all businesses in the City of San José. The Organics system has nearly tripled the business recycling rate from 25 to over 70 percent since July 2012! All businesses include organics collection such as food waste and food contaminated paper products and other recyclables.

In April 2020, Republic Services announced its $20 million initiative "Committed to Serve" as a way to honor its frontline employees and support our local small business customers to help keep our communities thriving. Learn more...

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Republic Services Newby Island Resource Recovery Park

Contact Republic Services' Customer Service for more information on your collection services by calling 408-432-1234. You can also email questions or concerns to Customer Service or directly to your Recycling Coordinator by visiting the Customer Support page.

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The following downloadable materials have all been made available to San José business customers via mail or a dedicated Recycling Coordinator. All files are in PDF format. 

If you have questions regarding any of this material please contact us at 408-432-1234.



Service Information

Collection Services Guide

Collection Services Posters

Dry Recyclables


Recycling at Work

Getting Started: Guidelines to Creating Your Organics Program

Create and maintain a successful Organics Collection Program at your business by providing your team with simple instructions, ongoing education and reminders why this innovative program is a benefit to the business and the environment.

The Organics Program easily increases your recycling and sends less to the landfill!

  • Business managers set the stage for a successful program. Work with your Republic Services Recycling Coordinator to perform waste assessments to determine you have the correct level of service. Set the example for your team that participation is the key to creating long-term success.
  • Depending on your level of service, you can easily convert existing trash containers inside your business to wet containers and use previously designated recycling receptacles as dry containers. Republic Services also offers FREE desk side recycling boxes to collect dry and single-stream recyclable materials. Contact your Recycling Coordinator or call us at 408-586-2260 to order yours today.
  • Label the receptacles and display indoor posters near the receptacles. Your Recycling Coordinator can provide Organics labels and posters, or download posters from our resources page.
  • With the assistance of your Recycling Coordinator, provide an interactive training session that educates your team on proper use the Organics program. It may be necessary to provide more than one session depending on how waste material is handled at your business. (administrative staff vs. janitorial staff). Your Recycling Coordinator is available to visit your business for additional trainings and follow-up waste assessments.
  • Display outdoor posters near the outdoor receptacles. Your Recycling Coordinator can provide outdoor posters along with advice on how to properly dispose of wet and dry material in your outdoor container(s). You can also find the outdoor posters in the Collection Services Guide or download them from the Resources page.
  • Remember to periodically check-in with your team for ongoing education and keep them updated on their efforts in achieving a successful program. Everyone wants to do the right thing by recycling, so consistent positive reinforcement keeps participants on the right track!
  • Schedule a tour at the Newby Island Recyclery so your team fully understands the Organics process. Tours take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 1:30 p.m. Space is limited and reservations are required! Call 408-586-2260 for availability.

Proper Container Setout

To ensure that you receive prompt, consistent collection service, follow these easy container setout guidelines:

  • Containers must be accessible by 2 a.m. on your service day. Unlock enclosure gates and containers. For an additional, small fee, Republic Services offers locking services for your convenience.
  • Ensure your containers are not blocked by vehicles or other obstructions.
  • Make sure your containers are not overflowing and that the lids are closed.
  • Place only accepted wet and dry material in the designated containers. Do not dispose of hazardous waste materials in your containers. Visit for directions on how to properly dispose of this material.
  • Do not place any glass or other non-organic materials in your wet container.

Zero Waste Tips You Can Feel Good About

Achieving zero waste is not just a philosophy; it's a daily commitment to our customers and community. Republic Services' Organics Collection Program sorts all collected waste material through our Newby Island Recyclery, resulting in increased recycling for the San José business community. Yet, it's still important to find ways to reduce the amount of waste that is generated. The less we generate, the closer we are to zero waste. These tips will help you achieve zero waste:


  • Order items with minimal packaging.
  • Print, copy, and write on both sides of a sheet of paper when possible.
  • Use dry-erase boards and overhead projectors for presentations instead of handing out copies.
  • Make training manuals and company information available electronically, instead of in printed books and binders.
  • Encourage your staff to use reusable coffee mugs, dishes, and utensils.
  • Adopt an environmentally preferable purchasing policy.


  • Use refillable toner cartridges for printers. Non-refillable cartridges contain between two and three pounds of plastic and metal!
  • Send documents between offices and departments in reusable envelopes.
  • Reuse corrugated boxes for shipping supplies between offices.
  • Buy refillable pens and mechanical pencils. Pencils and the outer casings of pens can come in a variety of reclaimed materials, such as recycled newspaper, plastic, rubber, and even recycled dollar bills.
  • Use the blank side of printouts as scratch paper or to take notes.


  • Donate unwanted office supplies to nonprofit organizations, charities, schools or used materials exchanges.
  • Give excess building materials and supplies from renovations to low-income housing developers or non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity.
  • Donate cafeteria leftovers.

Best Practices: Successful Organics Collection Programs


Wesley United Methodist Church

565 6th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

The Fairmont Hotel

170 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113

ARM Inc.

150 Rose Orchard Way
San Jose, CA 95134

Republic Services' Recycling Team


To provide a relative recycling experience that is mutually beneficial for both the City of San José's businesses and Republic Services' team of Recycling Coordinators; resulting in a better business partnership, maximized waste streams, and defined goals which supports increased diversion above or greater than 80 percent.

How to get there:

  • Align each Recycling Coordinator with an area of expertise and create accountability measures which ensures each customer is supported, educated and is engaged with the purpose of keeping waste out of the landfill in the City of San José.
  • Continually reinforce our message of zero waste and build relationships with defined goals to divert more monthly.
  • Promoting a message in line with our green message of diverting more from our landfills, creating zero waste and making sure all customers understand their options and how to recycle.

Contact Your Recycling Coordinator

Recycling Coordinators

Steven Hirsch

Steven graduated from San Jose State University in 2016 with his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and went on to complete his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning in 2018. Being born and raised in San Jose, he feels fortunate to be able to work with local businesses in the West and South regions of the city. With a strong passion and dedication for protecting the environment, it brings Steven joy educating business owners and various property management groups regarding the benefits of reducing their overall waste and properly sorting their end products into the correct waste stream.

Michael Cappello

Michael joined Republic Services in 2019 as a Recycling Coordinator, working directly with businesses in Downtown San Jose to optimize their waste streams, increase landfill diversion rates and fulfill customer's needs. He graduated from San Jose State University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Environmental Restoration. Coupled with 15 years of diverse professional experience, Michael aims find solutions that are mutually beneficial for San Jose businesses and the environment.

Michael Geiss - Community Relations Manager

Michael brings many years of experience in the field of sales, particularly when it comes to solid waste and recycling collection. He is an expert in the area of environmental sustainability and can speak to any subject related to collection, processing, recycling and disposal. Michael oversees the Recycling Coordinators' field activities including customer interactions, Wet/Dry system transitions, educational presentations and organizes staffing at special events as it relates to San José business customers.

San Jose: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Republic Services waste and recycling services for San Jose.

Collection Services

How are rates calculated?


Each year rates are approved by the San Jose City Council. To determine rates specific to your business, please use the service rate calculator.

What are my service options?


Republic Services provides a two container "Wet/Dry" collection system where business only need to determine what is wet (organic material) and what is dry (recyclables and everything else). Each business receives a collection program customized to its needs. Businesses, such as a small office building, may even be able to use just one container. This service reduces the number of containers where space is often limited, keeping noise and truck traffic to a minimum, and simplifying the recycling sorting process for customers.

Is food waste collection an option?


Yes, for businesses with large quantities of food waste, separate collection of this material is available. Contact your Recycling Coordinator for more information on food waste collection via email or by calling 408-432-1234.

Can companies other than Republic Services, Inc. haul my waste?


Republic Services is the exclusive hauler for commercial waste in the City of San José including most garbage, organics, and recyclables. One citywide hauler allows for consistency in services, rates, and oversight of public health and safety. In addition, the exclusive franchise increases diversion from landfill, reduces vehicular traffic and associated greenhouse gases. However, the following materials are not covered under the franchise:

  • Construction and Demolition Debris
  • Donated/Sold Material
  • Medical & Hazardous Waste
  • Confidential Shredding Services
  • Electronic Disposal

For additional details, see the City of San José’s waste hauler information


How can I request a free waste analysis?


Contact us at 408-586-2260 or send an email to connect with your dedicated recycling coordinator. A waste analysis can then be scheduled for your business.

Where can I find infomation and signage to establish a successful collection program at my business?


Visit the Resources section for downloadable recycling material or call 408-432-1234 to request material from your recycling coordinator. Recycling coordinators are also available to provide presentations on the Wet/Dry collection program at your business.

Why is recycling being encouraged?


The Wet/Dry system targets 80% or greater diversion of materials away from landfill. This includes capturing recyclables to be made into new products and collecting organics like food scraps to be processed into electricity and compost. Republic Services will work with businesses to develop customer-friendly programs to meet that goal.

What is Zero Waste?


In 2008, the San José Council adopted a Zero Waste Policy which sets an overall goal of diverting at least 75 percent of our waste from landfills by 2013 and achieving zero waste by 2022. In San Jose, “zero waste” means diverting at least 90 percent of our waste.

Service Rates

When did the Wet/Dry system start?


Republic Services was awarded a contract by the City of San José in 2012 to provide a new, citywide service with a goal to increase diversion to 80%; replaces diesel trucks with a fleet running on compressed natural gas; lowers the recycling operations' carbon emissions; and helps businesses meet state recycling requirements. Republic Services' system enables businesses to easily separate wet material (organics) and dry material (recyclables and dry garbage). This collected material is then sorted at one of the world's largest recycling facilities. This new service is good for everybody.

What are push/pull fees?


Push/pull fees apply when a driver is required to move the container to service it, and then move it to its original location. To avoid paying the additional fee, customers have the option of pushing their own containers to the designated collection location by 2 a.m. on their service day and then returning them to their orginal location after service.

What is a lock fee?


Lock fees apply when a driver must unlock a container, enclosure, or gate in order to access the container. We offer this service for your convenience so you are able to keep your container secure to avoid public dumping and scavenging. This is an optional service. If you would like assistance in determining if you would benefit from this service, please contact your Recycling Coordinator via email or by calling 408-432-1234.

Someone dumped garbage in or near my bins. What do I do?


It is important to keep the area around your bins clean because debris attracts more dumping. Call Republic Services at 408-432-1234 to order an extra pickup and request guidance from a Recycling Coordinator to prevent future dumping. Some actions businesses can take to deter illegal dumping are:

  • Store bins/carts in a waste enclosure.
  • Keep bins/carts out of sight and only pull them out for service.
  • Use locks on bins/carts and waste enclosures.
  • Install cameras and motion-activated lighting.
  • Post “No Dumping” and “Cameras in Use” signs.
  • Post your recycling bin management procedures in your recycling area and break room so all employees understand your process.