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Educational Videos

Electronic Recycling

Recycling your home electronics, computers, televisions, and other devices is as easy as 1-2-3. Our Mail Back kit makes it effortless to safely dispose of the old electronics in your home.

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Container Video

When you have a large project, sometimes the toughest decision is what size dumpster to rent. At Republic Services, we have a variety of recycling and trash dumpster containers for any project. Our easy guide in this video will outline what container works best for your project.

How to Dispose of Oversized Bulk Waste Video

Bulk waste is items that are typically too large to be disposed of in your regular curbside trash container. To help you get rid of these large items, Republic Services offers easy removal for recycling or disposal, so you don't have to haul them to a landfill. Bulk items typically include: couches, lamps, rugs, mattresses, and large appliances without Freon.

How to Dispose of Household Paint Video

Household paint is a common, everyday product, but when wet, is considered hazardous waste. By following these simple how to steps, you can prepare your paint to be easily disposed of in your regular curbside trash pickup.

How to Prepare Your Home Recyclables Video

Caring for the planet at home has never been easier with All-in-One Recycling™ through Republic Services. By recycling plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and glass we're able to reduce our dependence on landfills and reuse these materials for future use.

How to Dispose of Yard Waste Video

Disposing of your yard waste through Republic Services is effortless. We regularly do curbside pickup of your yard debris including: grass clippings, leaves, branches, and other landscape debris.

How to Dispose of Needles and Medical Sharps Video

Republic Services makes needle and medical sharps disposal safe, private, and effortless with our Mail Back kit.

Online Account Access Video

Effortlessly discover new ways to benefit your home, neighborhood, and the planet. Do more with the touch of a button. When you Sign Up for online access, managing your account has never been easier.

Responsible Landfill Management

Now, it’s easier than ever to ensure your waste is handled properly with our nationwide landfills designed to meet or exceed all local, state and federal regulations. Count on us to dispose and divert your waste, safely and effectively.