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Residential Recycling

Residential curbside recycling is a new and exciting program being offered to the City of Joplin residents on the current trash program. To participate, residents must enroll through Republic Services to receive the service. Click here to enroll. There is an additional charge for this service of $4.75 per month. Each resident who chooses to participate will receive a 96-gallon container with a light blue lid for their recyclables. Containers will be picked up one time per week on your regular trash day. Please remember that even though services are on the same day, a different truck at a different time will pick up recyclables.

Recycling Brochure

Acceptable Commingled Recyclable Items

  • Aluminum Cans, Trays & Foils (trays and foils must be clean) Examples: Soda cans, beer cans, pie trays, aluminum foil
  • Steel Cans, Tins and Aerosols (all must be empty) Examples: Spray paint, hairspray, air freshener, deodorant spray, vegetable cans, soup cans, etc.
  • Plastics #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 (all lids and labels may remain on container)
    • #1 PET (clear and green plastic resin) such as soda, water, and flavored beverage bottles)
    • #2 HDPE (clear plastic and colored resin) such as milk and juice jugs, dishwasher and laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach bottles
    • #3 HDPE (colored plastic resin) such as health and beauty aid products, medication bottles, household cleaners and air fresheners
    • #4 LDPE (grocery containers) such as butter, margarine, cottage cheese, sour cream, chip and dip tubs, frozen desert cups, gallon ice cream containers, coffee cans and coffee creamer containers
    • #5 PP (grocery containers) such as yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup, spices and seasoning containers, ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing containers
    • #7 Plastic Resin such as plastic buckets, kitty litter containers (5 gallon size maximum)
  • Commingled Paper Fiber—If you can tear the paper it will recycle Examples: Newspapers (remove plastic sleeve), magazines, catalogs, telephone books, office, computer, and notebook paper (no metal clips, spirals, binders), school papers, drawings, pictures, paperback books (no hard covers), mail, junk mail, envelopes (no plastic cards, stick on labels or unused stamps), wrapping paper (no ribbons or bows) and paper bags.
  • Cardboard and Chipboard Examples: Pizza boxes, cereal, cake, food mix, gift boxes, Soda and beer can carrying cases

**Please remember--all items need to be clean, empty and dry; flatten all cardboard boxes
Glass and Styrofoam are not accepted items in this program

Container glass is accepted at the Joplin Recycling Center located at 1310 W. A St., Joplin, MO, 64801. For more information and hours of operation please visit

Customer Service

Please check our FAQ for more details or contact Republic Services' customer service with any questions regarding this information at 800-431-1507 . For more details regarding the collection program guidelines please click here.

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Signup for Recycling Service

Joplin residents may subscribe to the curbside recycling program. Each resident will receive a recycling container that will be serviced one time per week for an additional charge. Service will be on the same day as your trash but by a different truck at a different time. You must enroll in this program to participate.


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