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Joplin Solid Waste and Curbside Recycling Collection Program Guidelines

This is an informational tool to help you understand the services that Republic Services will be providing. We strongly encourage you to read this information for future reference.

The City of Joplin contracted with Republic Services for automated refuse collection for all residences living in a single family home or duplex. Under this collection program each customer will receive a 96-gallon poly-cart for their solid waste disposal which will be collected once a week at the curbside. (If you don’t currently have a poly-cart, please contact Republic Services at 1-800-431-1507 or request online). We encourage everyone to place all trash in the cart. Residents shall roll the containers to the end of the driveway or designated pickup location (such as alley pickup) for collection.

In order to make the program successful, the remainder of this information will outline important guidelines for you to follow when using the services available. This will ensure that you receive the best possible service with as little inconvenience as possible.

Collection Program Guidelines

  • Trash must be curbside/alley by 6:00am on your designated collection day.
  • All trash must be contained in the cart issued by Republic Services so that the lid is closed to be collected. Any extra trash must be containerized and placed next to the cart
  • All household refuse should be bagged. Bagging your trash will help to keep the cart clean and sanitary, and prevent litter on windy days
  • The container will only hold up to 200 pounds. Please do not overload the container
  • The carts remain the property of Republic Services and will be maintained and replaced at no cost to the resident except for damage due to negligence or abuse. Do not take the container with you when you move
  • The placement of your cart is very important, since the collection vehicle’s lifting arm requires clearance: 3 feet on both sides, and 12 feet overhead
    • The cart should be no more than 2 feet away from the curb or road edge, and the arrows on the lid must be pointing toward the street, with the hinges facing away from the street.
    • Each cart needs to be placed at least 3 feet from each other for those that have multiple Republic Services carts.
    • Place cart no closer than 6 feet from any automobiles and no closer than five feet from any obstruction like mail boxes or fences. We recommend that placement of the carts should be on the opposite side of the driveway from your mailbox.

Items that CANNOT be placed in the trash container: dirt, sod, concrete, rock, construction or demolition debris, hazardous waste, hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas or liquid paint, lead acid batteries, engine parts or tires.

Safe Use and Care of Cart

  • Always keep the lid closed to keep rain, snow and animals out
  • Use the handle provided to move the cart. Tilt cart on wheels and roll. Remember to pull the cart uphill and push the cart downhill
  • Remove your cart as soon as possible after collection to maintain appearance of the neighborhood
  • To clean, simply rinse with water from time to time and let dry in the sunlight with the lid open
  • Do not place any unacceptable materials in the cart

An additional cart will be provided to those Republic Services deems as having extra trash each week at no additional charge. For those with occasional extra trash please place next to cart in a proper container.


Inclement Weather

Unfortunately inclement weather may cause poor road conditions. These poor road conditions may make it difficult to service our neighborhoods. You can trust Republic Services to always place the safety of our communities and drivers as our top priority. If service is delayed, we will return to service everyone as soon as we are safely able. Generally, if one day is missed we will resume routes running one day behind using Saturday for Friday’s service day. If more than one day is missed, we will resume routes on their regular scheduled day.

Holiday Schedule

We observe the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

If the holiday is on a weekday and your pickup day falls on or after that holiday, then your pickup will be one day later than normal for that week using Saturday for Friday service. Collection will resume on the normal schedule for the following week.

Missed Collections

Please contact us at 800-431-1507 to report any missed collections or issues. Resolutions will occur within 24 hours of reporting. Please remember if you are in the recycling program your trash and recycle will be serviced on the same day but by different trucks at different times.

Bulk Item Service

Republic Services will provide a bulk item pick-up service with the regular weekly trash. Bulk items consist of non-recyclable and non-vegetative items which cannot be containerized, bagged, or bundled; including furniture, televisions, toilets, pool heaters, water softeners, mattresses, microwave ovens, pianos, dry carpet, construction and demolition debris in small quantity, i.e. no more than 1 cubic yard, bath tubs, sinks, bicycles, and other similar domestic household goods and furniture. Place these on the curb on the same day of your trash day.

Bulk items NOT acceptable: This includes items such as: motor oil, appliances, railroad ties, lead acid batteries, contractor’s waste, water heaters, business or commercial waste, chemicals, hazardous materials, carpet that has been allowed to get wet, tires, construction and demolition debris that is over 1 cubic yard.

Joplin Curbside Recycling Program

Joplin residents may subscribe to the curbside recycling program. Residents will receive a 96 gallon recycling container with a light blue lid that will be serviced one time per week for an additional charge of $4.75 per month. Service will be on the same day as your trash but by a different truck at a different time. You must enroll in this program to participate. For additional information please click here.

Customer Service

Republic Services is excited to provide this state-of-the-art curbside program. Republic Services is proud to provide high quality services and appreciates the opportunity to serve the Joplin community. Additional information or any questions may be answered by calling Republic Services at 800-431-1507 or review our FAQs.

Contact Customer Support