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Idaho Resources

Idaho Service Maps

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  • Facilities Overview

    Public Transfer Stations

    Republic Services owns and operates two solid waste transfer stations - one in south Boise and one in Meridian. These facilities accept the very same items the Ada County Landfill does, with the exception of any material that might be considered hazardous waste.

    These facilities are hard-surfaced, freeway-close landfill alternatives for residents wanting to dispose of trash and other unwanted items.

    Solid Waste Transfer Station Locations and Information

    4485 S. Curtis Rd., Boise (off S. Orchard, close to the Humane Society)
    Phone: 208-362-7564
    Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Saturday
    Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted

    2130 W. Franklin Rd., Meridian (between Linder and Ten Mile)
    Phone: 208-888-3999
    Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday and 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturdays
    Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted


    Canyon County Landfill
    15500 Missouri Avenue Nampa, Idaho 83686
    Phone: 208-466-7288 - operated by Canyon County

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

    Republic Services continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation to make sure we're doing the right thing for the communities we serve. In the interest of protecting public health, the Republic Services Transfer Station can only accept debit or credit cards. We are unable to accept cash or checks (any paper currency) at this time.

    Landfill Alternative - Transfer Station

    Republic Services has two transfer stations in Ada County that accept the same waste and recyclable materials as the Ada County Landfill.

    What is a Transfer Station?

    Waste transfer stations are facilities where solid waste is unloaded from smaller collection vehicles on a solid surface and reloaded into larger long-distance transport vehicles for shipment to a final disposal site or recycling facility. Transfer Stations offer residents a convenient (in-town) waste drop-off option, saving time, fuel (and dust!) associated with a trip to the landfill.


    Boise Solid Waste Transfer Station 208-362-7564
    4485 South Curtis Road
    Boise, Idaho 83705
    Hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday

    Directions: Take the I-84 Orchard exit and go south (towards the Idaho Humane Society). Turn right on Diamond St. and follow curves around to S. Curtis and the Boise Transfer Station.

    Meridian Solid Waste Transfer Station 208-345-1265
    2130 West Franklin Road
    Meridian, Idaho 83642
    Hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday

    Directions: Located on W. Franklin Rd. between Linder and Ten Mile. Take the I-84 Ten Mile exit and head north. Turn right at the first light (Franklin Rd.) and the transfer station is on the left, behind the Republic Services office.

    2020 Republic Services Transfer Station Rates:

    Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Non-Compacted
    Cubic Yard
    Construction & Demolition (C&D)
    Cubic Yard
    Cubic Yard
    Roofing Shingles
    Cubic Yard
    Regular Appliances
    $ -
    Freon Appliances
    Tires With or Without Rims
    Cardboard Flattened
    Cubic Yard
    $ -
    Cubic Yard
    Mixed Paper/Cans
    Cubic Yard
    $ -
    Cubic Yard
    $ -
    Glass (Meridian Only)
    Cubic Yard
    $ -

    Your Local Management Team

    Bob Bennett, General Manager

    Bob joined Republic Services in 2014 after a distinguished military career and successful run as a private sector trailblazer. He is an experienced, results-focused leader of large teams who adapts well to new and changing business requirements. Bob maintains positive leader and employee relations through inclusive decision-making and a common-sense approach to organizational communication. The solid waste industry is complex and ever-changing, and we are grateful to have Bob's expertise here in Idaho.

    Rachele Klein, Business Development Manager
    Rachele holds a B.A. from U.C. Davis and an M.S. from the University of Florida. She ensures Republic Services' compliance with contractual obligations and is the municipal point of contact. She is responsible for business development and public affairs in Idaho.

    Rodney Remling, Controller
    Rodney joined the Republic Services team in 2007 after working as a CPA for some of the valley's premier employers. He is responsible for all financial planning, reporting, and collections in Idaho.

    Linda Mason, Office Manager
    Linda attended the College of Southern Idaho and Boise State University. She has served Republic Services in several key positions since 1990. Linda manages 13 customer service representatives and oversees billing and hauling data.

    Featured Drivers

    Bryan Poulson

    For almost 33 years Bryan Poulson has worked for our company. He started back when BFI first bought the Boise City contract and kept right on driving through the Allied Waste and Republic Services mergers. His first truck was a Ford Econoline that had been converted into a 5-yd rear load truck. The driver's side door had been removed to improve efficiency, which meant driving with a sleeping bag or blanket over his legs during the Idaho winters when temperatures dipped below zero.

    Bryan has successfully driven trucks in each line of business during his tenure: residential rear-load, commercial rear load, commercial front-load, roll-off, commercial recycling, and container delivery. He excelled in every position. Twice, over the years, he took office jobs with our company - working as the medical waste sales and service representative (which entailed running the route between Idaho and Utah), and later as a safety manager. While safety manager he took a team of five drivers to the regional truck rodeo where three on his team qualified for the world truck rodeo in Houston, Texas. One of his drivers went on to take first place at the World Truck Rodeo. Bryan himself, to this day, has never had an injury or on-road accident.

    Although he appreciates the administrative side of the business, he will be the first to tell you that even after 33 years, there is nothing like seeing the sunrise each morning. His heart is on a route, serving customers.

    When asked to recall his most memorable experience as a driver, he shared a story about a physically and cognitively disabled boy he got to know while throwing residential trash in the early '80s. For almost seven years he waved to him (and his mother) through their front window. If Bryan and his partner Bob Olson didn't see the young man when they pulled-up, they would blow their horn and wait for his mom to hustle him to the window so he could wave - always with a smile. Occasionally, on sunny days, his mom would have him out on the front lawn, waiting for the trash truck. During these stops, Bryan would throw the trash and wait for the young man to place the lids back on the cans. Trash day and the trash truck were his highlights.

    After years of this routine, Bryan and his partner pulled up and blew their horn, waiting for the mother and son to come to the window. To their surprise, the mom came out front, carrying her son's ashes. She said that he was never able to ride in their truck while alive and was wondering if they would give him a ride now. They did.

    We are fortunate to have Bryan Poulson dedicate his career to our industry and are blessed that he chose to spend it working for our company. He is a visible leader of compassion and hard work in the office and on the road. We are proud to recommend Bryan for EIA Driver of the Year and appreciate the opportunity to have him recognized nationally.

    Cornelio Espino

    Meet Cornelio "Corn" Espino, a residential trash driver in Boise. Corn started his career with Republic in fall 2005. He was delighted to land a job throwing trash as part of a two-person team. Just three years later (December 2008), he faced a potentially career-ending event when he was crushed in a car accident on I-84.

    The roads between Mountain Home and Boise were icy when his roommate's car slid off the interstate into a snow-filled ditch. Hustling to the rear of the car to begin the process of getting it back onto I-84, he didn't see or hear a car sliding towards them in their same tracks.

    The impact of the second car pinned Corn against the bumper - puncturing both lungs and breaking every rib except one. A doctor traveling the same stretch of the road stopped and summoned help. He kept Cornelio alive until the Life Flight helicopter arrived.

    Corn was taken to a Boise hospital where he was kept in an induced coma for the first month. He remained in the hospital for another three months - healing and undergoing physical therapy. Although initially relieved to be alive, he began panicking about his future ability to throw trash in Boise.

    Fortunately for Corn, the city of Boise's decision to move to carts for trash and recycling came at the perfect time. In May 2009, Cornelio was released from the hospital and wanted to work. His trash route was waiting for him and less than a month later; a truck was doing the lifting.

    Thanks to Corn's hard work, the medical team that helped him, and the vision of Boise leaders, Corn can drive his route and collect the trash from residents throughout the City - and he plans to do so for many years to come.

    Janeen Cuningham

    Next time you see a 32,000-pound recycling truck rolling down an alley, take a close look at the driver - it very well may be Janeen Cuningham, the only woman trash and recycling driver in the City of Boise.

    As a lifelong Boise resident, Janeen has been working for Republic Services and the city she loves since 2007. Although she started in residential trash, she quickly moved over to the recycling side of the business. Her favorite part of working the alleys and driving a rear-load truck is staying in shape. She hustles carts to the back of the truck for an hour before swapping duties with her route partner and driving for an hour - year-round.

    More often than not Janeen can be seen cruising into the Republic Services parking lot in the early morning hours on her Harley Davidson. Her supervisor claims she has a vintage 60's Volkswagen Bug - but the motorcycle keeps her warmer. At the end of each day, she returns home to her soul mate and menagerie of foster animals.

    Always humble, Janeen is quick to shy away from the term "role model" when it comes to being Boise's only solid waste woman driver. Her strong work ethic and quick, honest smile help us all see the gift of doing what you enjoy in a place you love.

    Mike Adams

    Some businesses hire employees who dedicate their careers to helping the companies succeed. Allied Waste, fortunately, hired Mike Adams. At ten, Mike was taken to the Boise Children's Home. Separated from his twin sister who had been adopted, Mike learned that by following the rules and working hard, he'd be okay. While living at the Children's Home, Mike also worked summers on the Robinson family fruit farm and began saving. In June 1969, he graduated from Capital High School with $500 in hand. By July, he had a job throwing trash with Allied (back then, Boise-Ada Disposal). Forty-plus years later, Mike swears he loved every minute of those tough, early days. And throughout the years, his quick smile and "can-do" attitude have inspired many. We're lucky to have him working for us in Boise.

    Mike Ankenman

    Meet Mike Ankenman, a fifteen-year veteran of Republic Services and star dispatcher. With over eighty trucks rolling out of the yard each morning, it is critical that drivers have the support they need while on the road. Mike is their tether to our company database and is always ready to help. He knows first-hand how critical it is for drives to get the information they need while in the field because he drove a recycling truck for nine years before moving into the dispatch office.

    By 6:00 a.m. each morning Mike is on the radio or phone, handling 40 - 50 driver inquiries and 50 - 100 customer calls per day. He schedules permanent and on-call commercial services, notifies drivers of residential trash and recycling "misses", enters hauling data, and closes route sheets at the end of each day. He ensures the drivers complete their duties and fill out their paperwork correctly so we can report accurate trash, recycling, and productivity information back to the City of Boise.

    In addition to being an exemplary employee, Mike has demonstrated exceptional commitment to our community. Last year marked his 23rd year coaching a Boise Noon Optimist Football team. This fall, with the support of his wife of twenty-seven years (Denice), he will again coach a team sponsored by Republic Services.

    We are grateful to have Mike working for us and working for you in the City of Boise.

    Randy Jordan

    Randy Jordan has been a trash man for 42 years - his entire career. Five days a week he's on the road by 4 a.m., emptying dumpsters in Boise before most of us are awake. He's driven more than a million miles without an accident, but the road hasn't always been easy.

    Thanksgiving Day, a few years ago, Randy told his supervisor he was worried about "Black Friday." His route includes the Towne Square Mall and stores announced they would launch their sales at midnight, Thanksgiving night. Safety has always been Randy's primary focus and he knew the mall would be buzzing even before midnight.

    Tim Lock

    Tim Lockwood's act of heroism in Boise on 12/12/13.

    Tim was driving his residential trash route near Fairview and Cole when he spotted a woman lying on the icy ground. He parked his truck and ran to help. Helen Kelly, one of his senior customers (91 years old), had slipped while trying to return her neighbor's empty trash cart to their house. She hit the ground, badly breaking her arm, and could not get up.

    For five minutes she called for help, but no one heard her. Temperatures were in the teens when Tim got to her. He scooped her up, carried her into the house, and called 911. He bundled her up and proceeded to distract her until the paramedics arrived. He stayed until the ambulance left for the hospital.

    Helen spent four days in the hospital and underwent physical therapy before returning home. She can't say enough about the good-looking young man who saved her and looks forward to thanking him in person.

    Helen's daughter Leslie Kelly called our office to share this story of her mom's hero with Tim's supervisor and to let our company know he saved her mom. Helen asked that we pass on this story of Tim's dedication to our community and his willingness to help.

    We are indeed proud of Tim and are grateful that he works for us and you in Boise.

    Please feel free to share - Helen Kelly would like everyone to know that Tim Lockwood is a wonderful young man and her Hero.